Message from the President of the Spanish Business Council

Dear Members and friends,

As President of the Spanish Business Council in Qatar –SBCQ– let me welcome you. In 2009, a group of companies, mostly Spanish, partnered with the purpose of establishing a business and professional community in Qatar. Today, we are 60 companies and international professionals working in Qatar, one of the most important emerging countries worldwide. Together, we generate wealth and contribute with talent and experience in different areas: from engineering to construction to hotel industry, design, education or air transportation, among others.

The Board I am pleased to head works as a generator of unity amongst all partners with the commitment to inform, train, advise and optimize your presence in Qatar. An original commitment and passion that are kept firm and unchanged, not only in theory, but mostly in our everyday activities. Together, we conform a rich fabric that includes several activities.

SBCQ has consolidated as an unequivocal role model for the business community in Qatar. Our organization is a high profile player as we contribute, along with other economic and social agents, to local development.  We participate in tenders and forums in which the business community makes for added value to the Qatar market.

From the board of directors we work, on a daily basis, to accomplish all proposed goals and set new ones that allow us to grow further. Ultimately, SBCQ wishes to enhance our business and professional environment and, thus, consolidate a competitive space that favours a coherent development in Qatar.


Bringing our best to each and every one of you. Welcome to SBCQ.


José Vicente

Spanish Business Council Chairman



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