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The Spanish Business Council tournament took place on April the 12th and the 19th at the Doha Golf Club.


It gathered 6 great teams: HARINSA 1, HARINSA 2, SEK, SACYR, FMM and SACYR.


On the 12th, on court 1, SACYR took out a favorite plate when defeating by 3 to 1 FMM, who could not overcome the defensive wall.


An excellent tactical approach embodied the players from SACYR, they really did their beating also HARINSA1 in a group that painted to be very competitive and where nobody gave anything.


The other team that achieved a high level victory, was FMM, who made his game and defeated SEK and HARINSA 2.


SEK, ZITRON and HARINSA 1 did also well closing the first day round of matches with 3 points each. On the other hand, HARINSA 2 close it with no points in their favor.


All the teams give their best playing 7 games in a row.


On the 19th, teams were playing for permanence, for semifinals and finals all in the same day.


SACYR started again on court1 raising the game very well and winning by 9 to 2 against HARINSA 2.


At the same time on court 2 ZITRON defeated also leader FMM, 3 goals to 1, positioning himself very close to semifinals.


Even if SEK did also very well defeating HARINSA2, at the end HARINSA 1and ZITRON went to semifinals.


At semifinals SACYR did not lose his march to the title and won again, a healthy habit of the pointer of the area. This time, his victim was HARINSA 1.


On the other court, semifinals played between ZITRON and FMM were both teams so close to triumph. They finished the game equaling 1 to 1, and with no additional time, direct to penalties FMM beat ZITRON 4-3.


Final was then played between SACYR and FMM being SACYR our champion.




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