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High Impact Leadership by IE Business School

Program Overview

Today’s volatile, uncertain and fast-changing business arena demands stronger and more innovative companies and teams excelling in the midst of harsher political and economic realities, fewer resources, and bigger responsibilities. Great leadership then becomes even more crucial, but so is it also the challenge in many organizations: great leadership is scarce. 

This intensive, 1-day High Impact Leadership Program – Qatar is a highly interactive course dedicated to help form a new generation of transformational, innovative leaders who can move their teams, their organizations and their communities forward amidst difficult times. It brings together promising global leaders doing business in Qatar, aiming to make the scarcity of great leadership a thing of the past. 

Participant Profile 

The program is designed for middle- to senior-level executives who aim to bring their leadership, and their teams and organizations, to the next level. 

Location and Date:

Marriott Marquis City Center, Doha, Qatar

November 27th 2017, 9am - 6pm


Registration is through the program webpage: Click Here

For further information, contact:

Damian Fernández
+974 3345 7674



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