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The launch of the new Spanish Business Council is a significant initiative that would help enhance the strategic partnership ties between Qatar and Spain, acting effectively on developing the activities of the Spanish companies operating in Qatar which in turn contributes to the strengthening of the trade ties between businessmen in both countries. Setting up the new council was decided due to the urgent need for an organization that regulate and protect the interests of the Spanish companies operating in Qatar whose number is drastically increasing.

The Spanish Business Council believes in the importance of increasing the share of the Spanish products and services in the local market and the promotion of the activities of these companies, and the need to provide a platform through which they can develop their businesses, in addition to the importance of participating in various local and international trade fairs and forums organized in Qatar.

Setting up the Spanish Business Council in Qatar is useful to serve and protect the interests of Spanish businessmen working in Qatar and to help in enhancing the bilateral trade cooperation between the businessmen in Qatar and Spain, as the signing on major economic agreements such as the economic cooperation agreement, the avoidance of double taxation agreement and the investment protection agreement helps to create a safe environment for investments in both countries.

Qatar's economic growth and investors' friendly policies among others are the major assets for the country's excellent performance. Therefore, Spanish companies have focused its attention in Qatar economy, projects and new emerging business opportunities, willing to introduce and commercialize their products.

The relationship between Spain and Qatar is growing in the recent years. As we all now, Spain and Qatar have many things to share in terms of Culture. In the other hand, doing business in Qatar is becoming easier and worthier, this is the reason why many Spanish and non Spanish companies are settling in Qatar nowadays. We are confident that Qatar and Spain can achieve stronger economic and trade relations, as Qatar provides investors with a competitive package of investment facilities enjoying a stable economic policy with the absence of all sorts of taxes on personal and corporate

The best way for living in an attractive place like Doha is to shift our businesses here where we can enjoy the encouraging environment that helps develop businesses and investments. Spanish Business Council in Qatar also encourages taking advantage of the business opportunities available in Qatar having a key role in developing the activities of Spanish companies and support their trade relations locally.


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